Monday, 4 June 2012

Cuba2012 – Meet Team Palfrey

Cuba2012 – Meet Team Palfrey
Our team consists of 15 highly experienced and professional personnel.

Medical Team
Dr Korey
Dr Bill Korey, Dr Korey is an ER Doctor who works in the emergency area of the Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale. I’m especially grateful for the Holy Cross hospital’s support of my Cuba to Florida swim by loaning us the medical equipment Dr Korey deems necessary for my crossing. Dr Korey is also an accomplished marathon swimmer, having swum the Manhattan Island Marathon amongst others. Www.Holy-cross.com 
Barbara Held & Penny 2011
Barbara Held, EMT, Barbara was the first woman in the fire department in Santa Monica; later in her career she trained as a paramedic. Barbara is an official observer with the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation. Barbara is also an accomplished marathon swimmer; she’s swum Catalina Channel, The strait of Gibraltar and the Tampa Bay marathon amongst others.

Kayaker Team
Jeff Kozlovich pict by Beneficial Ent.
Jeff Kozlovich, Jeff’s a full time lifeguard in Hawaii, Jeff’s also a personal trainer and extreme athlete in his own right. Jeff has supported many of my longest and most challenging marathon swims both in Hawaii and in the Cayman Islands in 2011. http://kozhawaii.blogspot.com.au/ 
Jesse Gros
Jesse Gros, Jesse’s a life coach and director at Insight Adventures. Jesse kayaked for me during my almost 18 hour, 40 mile swim from Santa Barbara Island to mainland California in 2009. www.insightadventures.com 

Colin Kozlovich

Colin Kozlovich, Colin’s a 22 year old, super fit surfer, paddler, runner who learned big wave surfing and paddling with his father Jeff Kozlovich (above). Colin’s currently studying at the University of Vermont (film and television major.)
Feed Team

Chris Palfrey, Chris, my husband will be looking after the swim log and helping with my feeding and handling requirements throughout my swim. Chris has crewed for me on many marathon swims including Molokai Channel in Hawaii, San Miguel in California and the Bridging the Cayman Islands in 2011. Chris is also an accomplished marathon swimmer having swum the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim, the Catalina and Molokai Channels, Tampa Bay, Strait of Gibraltar and many others.
Chris Palfrey, Brooke Bessert & Dan Boyle
Dan Boyle, Dan will be helping with my feeding and handling requirements throughout my swim. Dan has crewed for me on many marathon swims including, San Miguel in California, Manhattan Island Marathon swim and the Bridging the Cayman Islands swim in 2011. Dan is also an accomplished marathon swimmer, having swum the English Channel, and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim amongst others. www.boylesoftware.com

Brooke Bessert, Brooke will be looking after the GPS updates, organising the rotation of shark shields, preparing my meals and feeds. Brooke will also assist Chris and Dan with some relief feeding hours. Brooke has assisted me on swims such as San Miguel in California, Tampa Bay Marathon, Manhattan Island Marathon Swim and Bridging the Cayman Islands in 2011. http://www.sposta.com 
Land-based Finish Team

Scott & Andrea Woodburn
Scott and Andrea Woodburn are locals of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, they are friends of Dan, Brooke and Dr Korey. Scott and Andrea are organising the land based and finish logistics for my Cuba to Florida swim.

Boat Pilots – We have four very experienced pilots, who live and work in the Florida Keys and Florida Strait waters; more information on our pilots will come in a later blog.

Land-based Weather Team  - We have a Key West weather and Gulf Stream expert who will be land based and updating us with expected weather conditions during my swim. More information about our weather team will come in a later blog along with our pilots.
Swimmer - Penny Palfrey
Penny Palfrey photo Townsville Bulletin


  1. Glad to see the blog up and running. I am an Australian who lives in Maine and swim on occasion with Pat Charette. As a child the EC seemed the holy grail of swimming-now there is so much more being done. I have followed your quests from afar for several years. We will be watching the GPS tracker and news with interest and wish you well. Geoff

  2. Our water is cooler this year, up in Clearwater. Hope the weather holds out for you and your all-star team!

  3. Very exciting Penny. You sure travel first class. Good luck.

  4. Good luck, Penny:)! I met you at the Tampa Bay Marathon Swim a few years ago. You can do it! You're a swimming rock star!

  5. SO excited for you Penny and the entire team! I will be following you on the satellite feed and through the posts! Best of Luck! I will be with you in spirit! You have a great team and you have the skills. Go Get em! -Alex Zech